Meet our entrepreneurs!

The Branson Centre, Caribbean: propelling small businesses into the big time... We are excited to present our current entrepreneurs who are currently in Orbit and in Take Off. We're working with some truly amazing people and businesses. Please take some time to get to know them! 

Meet our Entreprenuers

Edris Whyte
Meet: Edris Whyte
"I believe that significant achievements can be made as a nation if we are creative in the manner in which we make information available."
Edris Whyte knows the benefit of a good education. She has studied IT at Kingston’s University of Technology and marketing at University College of the Caribbean, and has professional qualifications in project management and event management. This educational grounding has helped her become the successful entrepreneur she is today. And through her business, she wants to help others have similar success. In just a year-and-a-half, has become one of Jamaica’s most popular websites.
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Bianca Bartley
Meet: Bianca Bartley
Peace-is of Bianca
"By nature, I’m an artist. However, I fully understand the importance and value of having a firm foundation and grasp of business and management skills."
Artist and businesswoman Bianca Bartley likes people to be daring and bold. Her striking jewellery brand Peace-is of Bianca matches this philosophy. And so do her ambitions for her business. Bianca wants her brand to “develop other art forms in an effort to enhance the physical, spiritual and emotional makeup of mankind through the creation of jobs, outreach and charity.”
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Robyn Fox
Meet: Robyn Fox
Mount Edge Guest House, Food Basket and EITS Café
"Ambitions are endless but my focus right now is to make the best of this opportunity."
During childhood walks around her father’s farm in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, Robyn Fox remembers watching seedlings grow into flowers. You could say that Robyn’s business has grown in much the same way. Robyn studied hospitality and tourism in Canada and Jamaica and worked in Kingston’s only boutique hotel. The experience of working with her father on his farm and small guest house (Mount Edge Guest House), since January 2011 has helped Robyn expand her business. She now also runs a successful farm café and food home delivery service.
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Simone Bell
Meet: Simone Bell
“We continuously challenge ourselves to be innovative, accessible and reliable in providing avenues for buyers and sellers.”
Simone Bell describes herself as a “magnet for challenges”. She’s certainly taken on a few. Already studying for an MBA, working as a sales rep and being a single mum, Simone decided to start her own business. Simone set up Ideatrade, a company that helps businesses promote themselves, find new markets and boost their sales. Simone is never happier than when she’s coming up with business ideas and “comes alive”’ in creative meetings. She believes it’s her company’s energy, reliability and integrity that attracts the customers, and keeps them coming back.
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Andrew Khan
Meet: Andrew Khan
Moringa Labs
"I have been equipped with the knowledge to start a successful business, and it is with this goal in mind that I push ahead."
Nothing gets Andrew Khan’s blood pumping more than a good business idea. He’s in his final year studying entrepreneurship at the University of the West Indies and says that when his research backs up a wonderful opportunity, his heart rate increases. At 18, he started his own small dog food retail outlet called Champdog Alliance. In the first year it was unsuccessful and so he re-launched it, shifting its strategic direction, as, now Jamaica’s premier website for advertising dogs for sale. Andrew has now set his sights on business number two: turning the product of a tree called Moringa, which grows in Jamaica’s tropical climate, into a profitable business that will also help improve the nation’s nutrition.
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Joan Webley
Meet: Joan Webley
Nanook Enterprises
"I’ve always enjoyed feeling like I’ve found something new and I believe that Nanook will discover fresh Jamaican talent."
Joan Webley has always loved the sound of needle on vinyl. Her childhood brings back memories of her parents’ record player and she remembers listening to the cassette version of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise for two solid months. This passion for music has shaped Joan’s career. She worked in the entertainment industry in Australia for three years, first as a junior publicist and booking agent, while training to be a barrister, and later representing film makers on copyright issues after being admitted to legal practice. Returning to Jamaica in 2008, the 28-year-old has been steadily training and implementing other developmental initiatives. She has now set up a cultural centre where artists, including musicians, film makers and writers, are aided in making a commercial success out of what they do.
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Leanne Talbot
Meet: Leanne Talbot
Island Cycle
"I believe that to be successful in any business it is important to create a balance between knowledge and experience."
When Leanne Talbot moved to Jamaica from the UK at the age of 11, she knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. This belief was first born out of frustration at what she perceived to be a lack of choices but it soon turned into a realisation that, in a developing country, there are many entrepreneurial business opportunities. Now 24 and in her final year at the University of the West Indies where she is studying business management, Leanne is always thinking of new business ideas. She has decided to go with one of them – getting her recycling business off the ground in Jamaica and turning it into a Caribbeanwide company.
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Kevin Earle
Meet: Kevin Earle
KRL Supplies
"My ambition is to have a great business where people can feel the energy of good service and reliability."
Kevin Earle is a salesman. He worked in sales for nine years but always wanted to be his own boss. A father of three, he’s driven by the desire to create wealth for his family and is already well on his way to achieving this aim. His business sells locally-made Jamaican products, including food and crafts, to the tourism industry. It’s providing employment for local manufacturers in Jamaica, and if Kevin’s dreams are realised, will soon be creating jobs Caribbean-wide.
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Alecia James
Meet: Alecia James
Signature Cakes
"Believe in yourself and there is no limit to what you can achieve."
Entrepreneurship is not unfamiliar to Alecia. Here parents have their own transportation business, so she knew she was born to be an entrepreneur. She began cooking and baking for her family from the age of eight, experimenting with flavours. She went on to specialise in studying food industry at Jamaica’s University of Technology and landed her first job at the newly opened Ritz Carlton Rose Hall Hotel as a cook. Working there for eight years in the pastry department, Alecia rose through the ranks to assistant pastry cook. Three years ago, she took the bold step to start her own business. Now Alecia’s dream is to manufacture and distribute cakes and pastries world-wide.
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Edward-Marshall Case
Meet: Edward-Marshall Case
Edward Case Construction Concepts
"I want to continue helping my community and do more than I am now."
Ever since he first heard about Sir Richard Branson, Edward-Marshall Case has admired his vision and entrepreneurial ability. Like Sir Richard, Edward, 23, started his business in his teens. He is helping build much-needed new homes in Jamaica by offering low cost and professional construction services. Passionate about designing houses, Edward wants to expand his business and by the time he is 30, to be the director of a multinational company. And he already knows that he’d like to spend his retirement teaching and mentoring young people in business skills.
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Andrew Ross
Meet: Andrew Ross
Seascape Caribbean
"I want to see the vivid reef that I read about and my professors talk of with tears in their eyes."
Born in Canada, Andrew Ross moved to Jamaica in 1997. Coming from working on the Great Barrier Reef he was disappointed by the poor condition of the country’s coral reefs and shocked by the rarity of fish. He spent three years working as Scientific Officer at the Montego Bay Marine Park, and studying marine biology and coral restoration, where he developed a high-productivity way to grow and propagate coral for restoration. The best way to plant large amounts of coral seemed to him to be privately, so he has turned his passion into a business. That business’s coral and coastal ecosystem restoration services are helping to restore valuable ecosystem services in the Caribbean and keep tourists coming back.
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