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Entrepreneur: Edward Marhsall Case

Edward Case Construction Concepts
"I love my community, I am also a member of the St. Mary Parish development committee, as well as the St. Mary Parish Youth Council."
Meet the Maker:
Ever since he first heard about Sir Richard Branson, Edward-Marshall Case has admired his vision and entrepreneurial ability. Like Sir Richard, Edward, 23, started his business in his teens. He is helping build much-needed new homes in Jamaica by offering low cost and professional construction services.

Passionate about designing houses, Edward wants to expand his business and by the time he is 30, to be the director of a multinational company. And he already knows that he’d like to spend his retirement teaching and mentoring young people in business skills.
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Edward Marhsall Case
The golden opportunity:
Jamaica needs more low cost housing. The government’s Vision 2030, a 25-year National Development Plan, requires an upgrade of infrastructure, detailed building plans and efficient construction techniques.

Edward Case Construction Concepts is addressing that need by providing professional construction services.

Edward saw a gap in the market for offering 3D photos for construction projects so that people can see exactly what the project will look like before they spend money on materials. Called 3D rendering, this is very new in Jamaica. Edward’s business is one of the few companies offering coloured drawings and a 3D presentation of building plans in the country – it’s the only company in the parishes of St. Ann and Trelawney to do so.
The business in a nutshell:
As well as 3D rendering, Edward Case Construction Concepts offers residential building plans, construction, and site management.

Current customers are mainly professionals in the public and private sectors. Potential customers are architects, draftsmen, engineers, contractors, organisations and government agencies.

In the future, Edward wants to offer large format printing and blueprinting (a process used to copy architectural drawings), and with the need for housing in Jamaica, there is a lot of demand for such a service.

want to continue helping my community and do more than I am now.
  - Edward Marshall Case  

How it’s helping the community:
The construction industry is one of the largest employers in Jamaica, providing over 7,000 jobs directly and helping other related sectors to grow. Edward’s business feeds into this job creation.

The business is very much part of the local community. Edward has donated free construction services to community organisations, presented at career fairs to motivate young people and is mentoring young people in his neighbourhood.

“I love my community,” he says. “I am a member of the St. Mary Parish development committee, as well as the St. Mary Parish Youth Council.

The future looks bright:
Currently working with a partner, Edward is very clear about his future aims.

“My dream is to go on my own, take my destiny into my own hands,” he says.

His vision is to see his company become the premier architectural drafting, design and building construction solution for low and middle income professionals on the north coast, eventually serving all of Jamaica and the Caribbean. Edward wants to offer more services, including engineering, landscaping, material testing, and quantity surveying.

Edward adds: “I want to grow and develop into a world-class company, building structures that will serve many and last for generations.”

Fast facts:
  • Current number of employees: One
  • Expected number of employees in three years’ time: Five full time employees
  • Cosmetics
  • Current annual turnover: Zero
  • Expected annual turnover in three years’ time: $8 million (Jamaican)
  • Investment to date: Personal funds and no interest loans from family and friends
  • Location of headquarters: Proposed location, Sand Castles complex, main street Ocho Rios
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