The Branson Centre is propelling small businesses into the big time...

The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship has seen an array of successful businesses funded, thrive and grow. In just four years 4,000 people have attended sessions, nearly 100 businesses have been incubated.


These range from IT companies, to fashion designers, to a magazine publisher to a gaming business that equips young people with computer skills, as well as providing a safe environment for them to play the latest video games. These businesses have created jobs in their local communities and inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Meet our Entreprenuers

Simon Yiga & Gideon Mulovhedzi
Meet:Simon Yiga & Gideon Mulovhedzi
“We hope to be a leader in the inner city, not just in parking management but broader inner city revival.”

Afropark is an inner city parking management company, managing parking facilities for Johannesburg CBD property owners and providing safe, convenient and affordable parking. They provide professional and friendly staff to manage the car park 24 hours a day, seven days a week using CCTV camera equipment. They also offer parking bays which can be rented on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. And they manage the parking of the building where they met.

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Teko Motlhabi
Meet: Teko Motlhabi
Tshomo Consulting
“passionate about solving problems”

Teko Motlhabi describes himself as being “passionate about solving problems”. Specifically, his business, Tshomo Consulting, helps engineering companies solve problems in the water and construction sectors. He certainly knows what he’s talking about, with a background in engineering and years of technical experience under his belt.

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Sybil Otterstrom
Meet: Sybil Otterstrom
Next Level Management
"Research is key in business. Get to know the facts, even if unpalatable."
Music videos, computer games and texting their friends. That’s all young people are into, isn’t it? Not according to Sybil Otterstrom. The 43-year-old entrepreneur has set out to change misconceptions about young people – and help them gain that difficult first step into work.
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Mongezi Mtati
Meet: Mongezi Mtati
"Perfect your model and fearlessly carve out your niche to become an active thought leader in your industry."
Mongezi Mtati describes himself as a hybrid. He’s both an ardent social media marketer and a junkie for all things tech. The 31 year old worked on a campaign capturing the experiences of locals and tourists for the Football World Cup in South Africa.
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Lesego Malatsi
Meet: Lesego Malatsi
Mzansi Designers
"Tailoring new talent and taking the South African fashion world by storm..."
Lesego Malatsi has designs on shaking up the South African fashion world. He passionately believes in developing and empowering the next generation of black South African designers. His company, Mzansi Designers, based in Jo’burg, is nurturing new design talent, creating jobs and catching the eye of the international fashion pack.
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Yashwin Bagwandeen
Meet: Yashwin Bagwandeen
Game Over
"The arcade game maker with his finger on the pulse..."
Yashwin Bagwandeen, 35, started his first business at the age of 12. His grandfather was an entrepreneur, so you could say it runs in the blood. He’s been running GAME OVER for the past three years, and has over 20 years experience in the industry.
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Dipuo Marekwa
Meet: Dipuo Marekwa
Pelontle Marekwa Transport Services
"The wheel deal for parents and workers who want to beat the Jo’burg jams..."
When Dipuo Marekwa’s daughter reached schoolgoing age, Dipuo realised that the transport available for getting her to school was unreliable and unsafe, and so she started her own transport company.
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Bongani Tshabalala
Meet: Bongani Tshabalala
B&M Football5’s (Pty) Ltd
"Game changers in the development of South Africa’s youth..."
When it comes to sniffing out new business ideas in rural South Africa, 28 year old Bongani Tshabalala and Mokoni Paile are ahead of the game. They’ve identified an opportunity to kick-start a nationwide five-a-side soccer league for both male and female players.
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Cleopatra Simelane
Meet: Cleopatra Simelane
Recess Magazine
"Read all about it..."
Cleopatra Simelane knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. The team at the Branson Centre remember, “We didn’t find Cleo; Cleo found us. That’s the kind of proactivity we are looking for.” At just 23 years of age, she’s founded South Africa’s newest “edutainment” magazine for 14-24 year olds.
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Sibongile Thafeni
Meet: Sibongile Thafeni
Kotulo Milling
"A bakery supplier that’s giving power to the people..."
When it comes to being an inspiring entrepreneur, bakery industry maverick Sibongile Thafeni rises to the occasion. She’s single-handedly taking on the big monopolies in her industry, fighting the corner of the small business person and creating a better service.
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