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We work closely with local and international partners including Virgin businesses and are always on the lookout for those that share our vision to join us. With your help we will develop the most promising talent in South Africa to get on their feet, start businesses, create jobs and become the business leaders of the future.

Nina Q. works with Mzansi Designers at the Branson Center of Entrepreneurship

Nina Quiros spent most of her years growing up as a competitive athlete, training for 10 years as an elite gymnast, a national diver and a competitive ice skater. She has continued her love of sports with years of dance, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, and her new love for kiteboarding. Nina’s university studies were in Switzerland where she solidified her love of travel, languages and art. She has worked in many areas, starting with coaching competitive gymnasts at a young age, being an Art Dealer in San Francisco, completing her Health and Physical Fitness Certificate in Ireland, designing bags and personal style consulting for individual clients back home in Texas. Nina currently lives in Durango, Colorado where she found her true passion when she opened a women's contemporary clothing boutique.

Nina loves to travel and has been looking for an opportunity to spend some time volunteering with an organization where her skills and experience could best be utilised. This has lead her to the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa where she will spend the next few months working with Mzansi Designers. She is incredibly excited about her visit all and will be sharing her experiences on her blog so please check it out!

About Mzansi Designers

Mzansi Designers is a Johannesburg based fashion house supported by The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship. Mzansi Designers specialises in African-inspired fashions, and founder Lesego Malatsi hopes to see more native South African designers playing a major role in the industry.

Stay tuned for regular updates from Nina!

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